Wednesday, November 30, 2016


1) Write about your family – describe people, relationship, occupation, their special characteristics etc.
2) Write about your village and good and bad things in your village
3) Write about your school life and some fond memories of school
4) Write about your college life and good and bad things of college life
5) Write about the happiest moment in your life. Describe what you learnt from it?
6) Write about your good friends and how they helped to make you the person you are today.
7) Write about mobiles and advantages and disadvantages of using mobiles
8) Write about computer and advantages and disadvantages of using computers
9) Write about TV and advantages and disadvantages of using it
10) Write about using modern technology in Agriculture. Describe the advantage and disadvantages of it.
11) Write about internet and use and abuse of internet
12) Write about advantages and disadvantages of using vehicles
13) Write about your favorite personality. Describe how are you influenced by him/her
14) Write about your role model. Describe what characters you liked in him/her
15) Write about your favorite movie star. Describe why do you like him/her
16) Write about your favorite sports personality. Describe why do you like him/her
17) Write about your favorite movie. Describe why do you like it
18) Write about your favorite place. Share your experience when you visited it
19) Village life vs. City life
20) Agriculture vs. Industry
21) Joint family vs. Nuclear family
22) Kannada medium vs. English medium
23) MNCs vs. Indian companies
24) Globalization vs. Nationalism
25) Write an essay on Indian unemployment problem. Describe the role of youth to solve this problem.
26) Write an essay on problems of Rural India. Describe how these problems can be solved?
27) Write an essay on Indian farmer’s problems. Describe what government should do to solve these problems.
28) Write an essay on the Indian Education system. Describe problems and solutions.
29) Write an essay on India’s population explosion. Mention methods of controlling it.
30) Write about world’s pollution problems. Describe what you can do to minimize pollution.
31) Describe a significant interest or hobby that has special meaning for you.
32) How will you use your college education in your career?
33) What are your dreams of the future?
34) What was the most difficult time in your life? How did you overcome these difficulties?
35) Describe your most rewarding experience.
36) Have you ever struggled for something and failed? How did you respond?
37) Identify a person who has had a significant influence on you and explain the influence.
38) What are your three strongest beliefs? Describe them.
39) Write about a book that has special significance for you.
40) What are your most important extracurricular activities? What made you join these activities?
41) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
42) Governments have banned smoking in all public places. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons.
43) To what extent is the use of animals in scientific research acceptable?
44) Are our zoos cruel to wild animals? Discuss.
45) Education is the single most important factor in the development of a country. Do you agree?
46) What factors are related to academic success in high school students?
47) Children learn best by observing the behavior of adults. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
48) TV: could you be without it? Discuss.
49) The mass media, including TV, radio and newspapers, have great influence in shaping people's ideas. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer.
50) Tourism is becoming increasingly important as a source of revenue to many countries but its disadvantages should not be overlooked. What are some of the problems of tourism?
51) Does modern technology make life more convenient, or was life better when technology was simpler?
52) What should a government do for a country to become successful?
53) Should sports classes be sacrificed in high school so that students can concentrate on academic subjects?
54) A vegetarian diet is as healthy as a diet containing meat. Argue for or against this opinion.
55) How can we decrease corruption in the government?

Saturday, November 26, 2016


1. Glad to meet you.
2. Delighted to meet you.
3. Nice to meet you.
4. Pleased to meet you.
5. I am excited to meet you.
6. Same here.
7. Can you recognize me?
8. I think I have seen somewhere before.
9. Do you remember me?
10. I have heard a lot about you.
11. It’s a long time we met.
12. Feel yourself at home
13. What would you like to have?
14. Would you like to have some coffee?
15. Shall we talk about it over a cup of coffee?
16. I would love to do so.
17. No, thank you. I don’t take coffee.
18. No, thank you. I would rather have cool drink.
19. No, thank you. I just had it.
20. Why don’t you have some tea at least?
21. Please have your coffee. It is getting cold.
22. I am getting late. I have to go to leave now.
23. See you.
24. How about having breakfast with us.
25. Why don’t you drop in for a cup of tea with us
26. Do call on us
27. Do visit our place once.
28. How about joining us for dinner tonight.
29. We would love your presence for the get together this evening.
30. It has been nice talking to you.
31. I really enjoyed myself talking to you
32. It was wonderful talking to you
33. I am looking forward to our next meeting.
34. It has really been a very fruitful discussion.
35. When shall we meet next?
36. I really enjoyed myself in your company.
37. It was a joy to talk to you
38. We really had a nice time talking
39. You are really interesting to talk to
40. I feel honored that you talked to me
41. I think I can listen to you forever
42. I hope to see you soon.
43. I shall always remember this conversation with you.
44. This meeting with you will be forever etched in my memory.
45. Thanks for giving a good company.
46. Excuse me, could you please tell me the way to the bus stand?
47. Excuse me, where is the nearest grocery shop?
48. Where is the post office?
49. Which is the shortest way to the cricket stadium?
50. How can I find out this address?
51. Will it be possible for me to reach there by dusk?
52. How long will it take to reach there?
53. Why don’t you show him the way to the railway station?
54. It is in the outskirt of the City?
55. It is on the main road.
56. It is at the end of the street.
57. It is in the next block.
58. Go straight and turn to the left.
59. Go straight along this road and turn right. It is in the middle of the street.
60. Is this the right way to the post office?
61. From here turn to your right and walk a few paces. You can see it in front of Eureka towers across the road.
62. I am sorry. I am new to this place.
63. I do not know. I am a stranger here myself.
64. May i go?
65. May i use your telephone?
66. May I leave my luggage with you?
67. May I join you?
68. Shall we start our discussion?
69. It is a matter of great sorrow.
70. May God give you the strength to bear this terrible blow.
71. We are deeply grieved
72. We are deeply grieved by his/her death.
73. you have our sympathies
74. All these are the ways of the world.
75. Please don’t mind this
76. Please excuse me. I could not come in time.
77. If there are any faults kindly excuse me.
78. I beg your pardon.
79. I am very sorry for having kept you waiting for so long.
80. Hearty felicitations on your success.
81. Hearty congratulations on your achievement.
82. I wish you all success in your work.
83. May you recover very quickly?
84. May luck be always with you in business.
85. Let’s have breakfast/lunch together.
86. would you like to have some more
87. Food has been already served, come to the table.
88. Would you like to have some more?
89. Have you had your lunch/breakfast?
90. I just had my breakfast.
91. I had had my lunch 11 a.m.
92. Please come for a cup of tea.
93. Do visit our place in your next visit.
94. Do call me.
95. I will be very glad to do any of your work.
96. Please come to our house with your family on the 10th without fail.
97. Will you come with me for a stroll.
98. Would you like join us for tea?
100. If you come, your presence will add a grace to the occasion.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Career Guidance Association report 2015-16

Career Guidance Association report 2015-16

·        Regular classes for 84 members of association regarding HRD programmes.

·        Conducted A special Class for Final Year BCom students on Banking recruitment on 24th June 2015 by  Bret Solutions, Bangalore.

·        Conducted a programme on “Information on Banking and to open the New Savings Account” in association with   Karnataka Bank, Udupi Car street  Branch.

·         organized Training in aptitude test, Resume writing and facing interviews – Resource person is Sri Chandan Rao, Placement Officer, PIM 

·        Conducted Two Computer Courses – “ Micro media Dream viewer and Photoshop,  in association with Computer Dept.

·        A talk on opportunities after B.Sc degree by A Raghavendra, HOD, Department of Mathematics on 13-01-2016.

Campus selection Report.

Northern Trust, Tech Mahindra, Pest Control of India and Infosys (BPO) were conducted campus interviews in our College in association with Placement Cell, P.I.M. 

(List of Campus Interview selected students-2015-2016)
Sl. No
Name of the Company
Number of   Selected students
Wipro WASE / WiSTA
Tech Mahindra
Northern Trust
Infosys BPO
(Fresher’s & Old students)